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About The Catering Kitchen

that is Changing Seattle

Artisan Community Kitchen is here to provide a commercial kitchen for food entrepreneurs in the Seattle area. Our staff is ready to field any question you might have about our facilities, services, or plans. Here are some quick answers to our most asked questions.

How is Your Facility Staying COVID Safe?

We understand that health and safety are in the front of everyone’s minds. We have designed our space to meet the most rigorous COVID safety requirements. Our workstations are spread out to accommodate social distancing, masks are required throughout our facility, and mandatory health screenings are conducted on entry that include temperature checks. We also conduct regular deep cleanings through a professional cleaning company.

No one does health and sanitization quite like the food service industry.

Tell Me About Your Location

Our catering kitchen is located in Tukwila just south of Seattle. We have a dedicated parking lot at our facility as well as loading docks. Your team can also access us through local bus lines and light rail.

What Plans Are Available?

We offer a range of plans for catering services, food trucks, and other businesses. Whether you need to rent a kitchen for a few days or you have a regular plan in mind, we can help. Get in touch with our representatives today to learn more.

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